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Default Re: New school shooting in Houston..

It's sad that some use these things for political points. We're violent, and we have been before any of us have been alive, we can't change that. I believe that in certain part of the countries, gun laws are too liberal, and in other parts, they're too strict, but there's no trend to suggest the stricter laws, or the more liberal laws cut down on violence. There's been violence for many, many years, but it's magnifiied since Obama(who is more far left than any president in my life time has been far right or far left) uses kids to prop up his own political agenda, people lose sight of logic. He's the media's golden boy. Doesn't matter how incompetent he's been, doesn't matter that he never had the experience to be president in the first place, the media eats up his extreme left wing agenda.

The problems go far beyond guns. It's what goes on in these sick freak's minds. We do have gun control in this country. And no, to the braindead assholes out there who think gang members get their guns legally, they don't. They do not want a record of their purchase of the gun, nor do most of them qualify for handguns in the first place.
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