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Default Re: New school shooting in Houston..

Originally Posted by ShaqAttack3234
It's sad that some use these things for political points. We're violent, and we have been before any of us have been alive, we can't change that.

Changing a culture of violence might be difficult but it is not impossible.

I believe that in certain part of the countries, gun laws are too liberal, and in other parts, they're too strict, but there's no trend to suggest the stricter laws, or the more liberal laws cut down on violence.

This is a good point, there are many contributing factors to violence and only looking at specific laws is a disservice. The solution is going to take a multi prong attack and every jurisdiction/sector of society has to look at its part of the problem.

There's been violence for many, many years, but it's magnifiied since Obama(who is more far left than any president in my life time has been far right or far left) uses kids to prop up his own political agenda, people lose sight of logic. He's the media's golden boy.

Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't the crime statistics showing that there is less violence today???

What do you mean it has magnified under Obama???

In terms of media attention maybe but I don't see how that has anything to do with Obama

Doesn't matter how incompetent he's been, doesn't matter that he never had the experience to be president in the first place, the media eats up his extreme left wing agenda.

How has Obama been incompetent???

I wouldn't rate him as a good president, it still too early to have an accurate ratting. However, with the mess he has inherited I think he has done a fair job. The situation could have been much worse in the short-term so instead they kick the problem down the road because they didn't have a solution at the time. While that is a lack of leadership it is the modern reality of today politics. I see it as politicians would rather leave the problem for someone else to solve then risking their own careers trying to solve a problem. However, overall if they did nothing the reality in today's America would have been much different.

As far as him having an extreme left wing agenda, Who does he have an extreme left agenda in comparison too???

The Democrats are far from a left-wing party in comparison to other country left-wing parties. In fact, the Democrat party would be farther to the right of most center right-wing parties across the globe. Also, in terms of America's left, Obama is not exactly their favourite son because they actually would like to see him go farther on some issues.

The problems go far beyond guns. It's what goes on in these sick freak's minds. We do have gun control in this country. And no, to the braindead assholes out there who think gang members get their guns legally, they don't. They do not want a record of their purchase of the gun, nor do most of them qualify for handguns in the first place.

Well maybe we should be spending more on mental health initiatives. However, there is a group of people who want to slash and burn at all social spending due to large deficits and debt issues. While deficits and debt issues are important so is crumbling infrastructure and health services. Maybe America needs to stop incurring the global costs of policing the world and refocus on rebuilding America.

Finally, I don't think people are suggesting that gang members get their guns legally but that the legal guns can flow into the illegal arms trade.
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