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Default Re: New school shooting in Houston..

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
I don't even know what to say anymore. I don't give a shit about media coverage. I cannot understand how people, law abiding gun owners, the most progressive of leftists, whatever your stance, can't come to an agreement that too many ****ing people are dying because of guns. It's not a political battle, people are dying every day, stop drawing lines on when that's OK and not because of whatever party you support. PEOPLE, not newscasts, not numbers on a spreadsheet, people. Why is anyone OK with this? Why is anyone cool with the status quo?

I have no clue how to fix it. But as soon as anyone tries, as soon as anyone even mentions a thought of how, it's shouted down. What's wrong with us? Sincerely, why do we keep killing eachother and why are so many people OK with it?

I don't think we are OK with it, but I personally think America's well-being has been neglected in-favor of military might across the globe. Maybe I'm wrong to come to that conclusion, from my perspective it seems like infrastructure(soft and hard) is crumbling as well as social well-being measures. I'm definitively not an expert on such matters, but I surely would like to see are far more detail and academic discussion on mental health, the availability of guns, overall gun culture, and what role the pharmaceuticals play into this complex issue. I think it is wrong to get caught up in the gun issue, but it is easy to do at times while we ignore some of the other troubling aspects that create this dangerous mix.
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