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Default Re: New school shooting in Houston..

Originally Posted by ShaqAttack3234

The problems go far beyond guns. It's what goes on in these sick freak's minds. We do have gun control in this country. And no, to the braindead assholes out there who think gang members get their guns legally, they don't. They do not want a record of their purchase of the gun, nor do most of them qualify for handguns in the first place.

Ok but those gang bangers aren't the ones shooting up schools. These loser ass kids aren't buying guns off the streets. You think a guy like Adam Lanza knows where to go to get a gun off the street? Those dudes hardly never their house.

We shouldn't ban guns but geez at least make them more difficult to get. Don't see how a more stringent process to buy guns will affect anyone. That would, at the least, deter some of the crazies that try to buy a gun legally.
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