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Default Re: Put Michael Jordan at small forward on the Lakers. They win the championship?

Originally Posted by eliteballer
Not only that, but late 90's/early 00's defense/pace waaaaay different than the majority of Jordans career. But what do you expect from someone who probably never saw the majority of Jordans career?

Jordan, at age 28, in the 1991 playoffs (opponents DRtg - 106):
32/6/6 on 54% shooting

Kobe, at age 28, in the 2007 playoffs (opponents DRtg - 106):
32/6/5 on 46% shooting

Jordan, at age 30, in the 1993 playoffs (opponents DRtg - 105):
35.1ppg, .475%fg, 6.7reb, 6.0ast

Kobe, at age 30, in the 2009 playoffs (opponents DRtg - 105):
30.2ppg, .457%fg, 5.3reb, 5.5ast

Jordan, at age 33, in the '96 playoffs (opponents DRtg - 105):
30.7ppg, .459%fg, 4.9reb, 4.1ast

Kobe, at age 32, in the 2011 playoffs (opponents DRtg - 106):
22.8ppg, .446%fg, 3.4reb, 3.4ast

Jordan, at age 34, in the '97 playoffs (opponents DRtg - 102):
31.1ppg, .456%fg, 7.9reb, 4.8ast

Kobe, at age 33, in the 2012 playoffs (opponents DRtg - 104):
30.0ppg, .439%fg, 4.8reb, 4.3ast
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