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Default Re: Scalebrine DESTROYS Boston's best street ballers

Originally Posted by Nick Young
Last year Scalebrine was shooting 70% FG and 66% from 3 in the Italian league playing against professional ballers from all over the world.

Guys like Dee Brown who were elite in college go to Europe and don't dominate all the time.

I have no doubt that an in shape current Scalabrine could go to Duke and become one of the top players in NCAA and probably lead them to the national title.
Oh no doubt. Scalabrine was one of the top players in the NCAA when he was originally in the NCAA. I was just saying he wouldn't suddenly become LeBron James, throwing no-look dimes, catching alley-oop passes thrown to the rafters, and speeding past everyone on the court. He'd still be Scalabrine, playing a Scalabrine game, and it would be very good.
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