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Default Re: 2013 Free Agency Thread

Originally Posted by irondarts
Chiefs need to sign Alex Smith to a 2 year deal. Take Luke Joeckel with the 1st overall pick and take Tyler Bray or Tyler Wilson in the 2nd round and let them develop for 2 years behind Smith.

I think all teams who need a QB need to pass on all these prospects in the first round. I honestly don't think a single QB in this class should trump other needs that they surely have.

Unfortunately there's only Alex who is as close to a lock at being a solid starting QB as is out there. Flynn is still just a little bit of an unknown. And this is a QB driven league. Someone will reach. It's impossible for them not to. And once one guy goes the other GM's will start panicking and thinking about reaching too.

This storyline alone will make the upcoming draft entertaining. It's like in fantasy leagues when some dude picks a QB and everyone else panics and gets one and you're sittin there like: "Well shit I can have AP AND Marshawn Lynch?"

Of course sometimes that back fires like when you think you're being clever and you get what you think is gonna be an unbeatable duo and you go ahead and and skip on Tom Brady cause you figure the output of your RB's would outpace his enough that you would offset the hit you would take by selecting an inferior QB later, plus some. But then one of your RB's doesn't produce nearly as much as you thought. And then you make it to the championship and lose to the person who did take Tom Brady. Btw this was Tom Brady.... 2007..... *sigh*

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