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Default Re: Is The Center Position Dead/Going to Die?

Originally Posted by JohnnySic
No, why? Oden was supposed to be the next big thing, and Yao was very solid.
I just didnt see how a injury prone never was and a not quite healthy enough to be a force were the demise. I think the fact that Athletic Bigs werent coming into the NBA with any skill. There have been lots of big boys that have been drafted , but they have always had " potential" attached to them and as we all know " potential" usually translates to "bust in waiting"
Since there is a shortage of " quality " bigs to go around, Teams have been forced to play smaller rotations a lesser talent on the floor.
This combined with Bigs wanting to be stretch 4s and stay outside shooting bombs away( an influx of euro style ball) has diminished the little bit of post up back to the basket skills they would have been learning. It is an ebb and flow of the game.
There will be another influx of Bigs that wanna play in the paint and actually take the time to learn the skills to be a post player and when they do? We'll have to start a thread about the lost art of the stretch 4s
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