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Default Re: Is The Center Position Dead/Going to Die?

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
I think you make some great points but I strongly disagree with the Shaq argument. Chandler was always a center. Curry was also but he played PF because Chandler was on the team. Duncan had Robinson so he was never gonna be a C. But after Robinson retired he didn't want to switch. There is not about Webber's game that would make you play him at C. His length isn't crazy either, neither is his broadness. He's thick tho, and he's strong. He's also just under 6'10. But not a center. Jermaine O'Neal could play center but he had Brad Miller and Jeff Foster. Plus, O'Neal is more of a PF. Camby is an out and out center who is skilled enough, smart enough, agile and quick enough to play PF. Shaq didn't scare any player of consequence from playing center. Guys like Dale Davis and Antonio Davis (when he became a starter) played C. So I think you have all of that, including the quality of the centers in the era, as completely wrong.

I'm pretty sure Chandler was projected to play the 4. He was thought to be a KG clone at draft-time was drafted the same year that the Bulls picked Curry to be their 5 of the future. He was moved over to the 4 because the Bulls discovered that he had no range or handles. Here goes his pre-draft profile from >>>

And I think you are the one that is off about the quality of the center position in the late 90s to early 2000s. Besides Shaq, Vlade, young Yao, Brad Miller, and Ben Wallace the center position was absolutely horrible.
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