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Default Re: I'm about to make a scale chart with Kevin Love/Durant/modern players next too...

Originally Posted by BlackWhiteGreen
As long as you have accurate shoe measurements for everyone you want to use, then sure. I'd be interested to see it.
no no, not what I'm saying - and would not be possible that way either

Even players who have known measurements are not still wearing the same shoes they wore in the draft - also it is even stated by draftexpress that often times players enter the draft wearing shoes that are deliberately too large and that the players never even intend to play in said shoes - so subtracting the "known" measurement of a players shoes won't work. This is literally a simple as eyballing a persons shoe that is in the photograph that met the requirements for scaling - and moving that player down until the "thick" bottom section of the shoe falls below the ground-zero plane of measurement.

Perhaps I can whip up an example of what I mean once I get home from work
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