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Default Re: Durant has GOAT potential?

Many players have goat potential
No they don't. The only players who have ever had GOAT potential are in the ones who are in the argument for GOAT. Look right outside that top 5 or 6... who else had it?

The only one is Shaq.

Durant doesn't have it and he won't be in that conversation.

I have a feeling Lebron will join Shaq. He just can't actually hit that very top tier unless his jumpshot undergoes a complete transformation.

Now, all that said, anyone who doesn't think Durant can't be right near the top of that second tier is missing something. I don't see him surpassing Duncan, but I don't see why he can't surpass Ewing and the Dream and Karl Malone and Jerry West. Remember, he's got 8 more years playing at this level or higher. Maybe more. There is no reason to suppose he won't retire with 3-5 finals MVPs, 3-5 regular season MVPs, and 6 to 8 scoring titles. You think anyone will credit ringless Karl Malone with being better? The Heat are getting over the hill, the Lakers are done, and the Clippers are a move at least away from being serious competition. Durant's all alone at the top of the league in 2 or 3 years.

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