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Default Too much talent?

I think we have too much talent in the starting lineup. We have four players with equally opposite play styles all trying to play their own game in the starting lineup.

With Boston they never had three of the starters gunning for 18-30 points per night. With so much talent obviously someone was gonna have to take a backseat. It think we should trade Dwight for a pf and bench players.


I believe that lineup could be a great team. We literally have like a 10% chance of keeping Dwight. I still think Pau can flourish in the C position. We should get a young pf who isn't ball dominant and can play average D. We need to ship Jamison also for any younger player.

Lakers need to get younger. We should've kept Sessions. If you look at the NBA right now, the top teams are pretty young. Heat, Clips, Thunder, etc. And guess what part of their games improve with youth? Defense. How are we supposes to run and gun while playing good D with, 39yr old Nash? Injured Dwight? 34yr old Kobe? Pau? 36yr old Jamison?

We need less superstars and more player who can do the dirty work. I believe Antoni is a bad coach but we also obtained a group of player who do not fit correctly.
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