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Default Re: If you played 40 min/game in the NBA, what would your averages be?

Some of you guys must be in terrible shape right now I don't think I'd have a problem at all being "on the floor" for 40 NBA minutes I actually love conditioning - obviously out the gates I'd need a pre-season/few weeks to acclimate but I'm only 5-11.5 w/o shoes and 136.5lbs right now so I'd get tossed around like a rag doll out there, heck even in rec leaguess I always struggle mightily to play "big" and box out against 6-3 200lb dudes - I almost always get the wind knocked out of me if I try to crash the boards against players that would otherwise just be point guards or shooting guard in the NBA I prob would get repeatedly fined for flopping when in actually I'm legitimately being thrown around like a piece of cleanex by players

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