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Default Re: If you played 40 min/game in the NBA, what would your averages be?

Originally Posted by RRR3
If you could average 12/7 why aren't you in the NBA now?

If for god knows why I was playing 40 MPG in an NBA game, I would collapse from exhaustion before accumulating any stats besides fouls or turnovers (not that I'd do anything even if I did have more stamina).

you have to be an amazing NBA player to get 40 mpg, most that do average much better than that.

I'm a very good passer and shooter. I used to be very athletic when I was younger and had time to stay in shape.

If I was on an NBA team right now by some stupid chance, I probably wouldn't see any playing time, but if miraculously the coach was forced to play me 40 mpg, I would be able to produce.
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