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Default Re: Durant has GOAT potential?

Originally Posted by iDunk
I think so.

His talent is limitless, the game is just becoming too easy for him. If he wins like 3-5 championships , wins 2-3 MVPs, countless scoring championships, & scores 32,000 .. I think he could be the GOAT. Those achievements are not out of the question.

NBA is no longer the game of '80s & '90s.

No handcheck rules made NBA a game of back court players only.

Even 34 yrs old Kobe is ave 29 ppg. something will never happen in yesteryears NBA as age catches up & you become a 18 ppg player cuz handchecking will rob 6 ppg & 'no blood no foul' physical contact rule will take away another 5 ppg from Durant, Kobe & Melo.

Resulting in death of PF & C position is directly related to relaxed no defense era.

NBA wanted to turn everyone into Michael Jordan after MJ retired & Bulls dismantled.

NBA has succeeded but Basketball has become boring & poorer & diluted as competitive sport.
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