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Default Re: 2013 Free Agency Thread

Originally Posted by knickballer
Losing Mendenhall will probably be an addition by subtraction type of situation. They can easily find a RB in the draft who can replace or fill a part of his production with the fraction of the cost and headaches. RB's are a dime in a dozen..

Steelers need to patch up that O-line. That o-line has been abysmal for years(don't know about this past year tbh) and they need to keep Ben healthy, it will also lead to a better running game. I don't know about the cap situation w/ the Steelers but I'd let Wallace go and go after a tackle like Albert. I also don't think Albert would be as expensive as Wallace but you never know as OT tend to get overpaid.

I think they can replace Wallace's production by getting players like Amendola or a David Nelson type of player(I know Wallace is a speedster).

The OL just gets decimated by injuries every season. Pouncey was relatively healthy this year but Decastro missed half the season with a torn MCL in preseason, Marcus Gilbert is a *****, and Mike Adams just wasn't ready altho he played well at times. I think the line will be better next season with Adams and Decastro one year older and more experienced. It would obviously be nice to have a bit more depth tho.
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