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Default Re: "Americans need right to protect themselves" - most BS regurgitated statement ever?

Originally Posted by JtotheIzzo
people should be allowed guns to protect themselves from carjackers and home invaders etc. and people should be allowed to hunt.

I think 95% of people think this is acceptable.

the idea that you need to protect yourself from the government with automatic rifles is f*cking laughabale.

if the government wanted you dead, it would be a quick predator drone strike and boom, goodnight.

rifles and shotguns for hunting and hand guns, 9mm etc. to protect yourself.

asking for anything else makes you a stooge and a delusional moron.

Thanks for showing everybody what a moron you are. Automatic weapons have been banned for over 25 years.

Edit: Isn't it wonderful how we are trying to have a national debate on gun control and yet the majority of people have no fcking clue what they are talking about? They don't even pretend to be informed, they just talk straight out of their asshole.

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