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Default Re: North Korea plans nuclear tests aimed at U.S.

Originally Posted by SevereUpInHere
Is it just me, or do these sound a lot more aggressive and more specifically aimed at the US? I only ever really remember passive aggressive threats about testing, but never any specific threats to the US.
They know nothing is going to happen because they know they'd be completely obliterated if they did something that blatant, and Kim's lifelong cognac and forced-blowjob party ends prematurely. And we're not going to invade them for talking shit, so he'll make some inflammatory statements, anything he wants, really, and in the end he'll get some sanctions loosened and spin it to look like he's a badass to his people. Even now the full the might of The United States of America and her allies isn't going to be tested by any sovereign nations, prickly as the might appear at times. Business is too good, and peace is easier.

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