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Default Re: Anyone gotten their a$$ kicked?

Originally Posted by 2LeTTeRS
I have nothing but respect for people who can do that, because I can't at all. I hold grudges. If you kick my ass best believe I'm finding some way to get you back.

I've done fought friends and remained friends after without it even seeming like an issue. If it's a fight I have no business winning then it's easier for me to just forget it. To me, it's better to at least not back down and get your ass kicked, then let someone push you around, or not pay you something your owed, which is how the fight I described above occurred. I was owed something, he refused, I hit him, and while I was losing the fight, my friend cut in and said to me "calm the **** down" and to me friend "give him his shit." So I really didn't care, the guy was bigger, older and obviously a more experienced fighter, but I got what I wanted anyway.
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