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Default Re: Would you continue to date someone that you found out is/was a Stripper?

Originally Posted by lilojmayo

girl in the middle

Simple question folks. Short breakdown of situation i'm in. There is this broad that works at a store similarly chipotle stuff. She's been working there many many months, and i go there a lot to eat. She obsessively tries to flirt with me everytime, I got the hint and ask for her numbers. She puts it in my phone herself. We start texting back and forth daily.

We party together, whatever. So i started entertaining the possibly of relationships, so i learned what Instagram was ( i'm totally out of the social netowrking game ) and ask for her instagram, so i could be an internet detective stuff. It was relatively normal pics i'd say what most girls around her age post outside a few risque photos like the one above.

It's obvious her 2nd job is something to do with stripping, go-go dancing whatever. I'd never would have guessed in all my time knowing her. It honestly feels like she living a double life. We hanging out together this weekend, im not sure if I should confront her about it?
or should i just want until things get more serious ?

Where are the ISH love doctors when you need them ?

Hell the **** no!

What you do do however is jump in and see how good that puss is. There's to many girls on this planet for you to be choosing one who's profession is to remove all her clothes in front of a room of ni99as
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