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Default Re: Would you continue to date someone that you found out is/was a Stripper?

Originally Posted by PHX_Phan
I dated a girl who started stripping. I was cool with it because I knew what type of girl she was (graduated HS early and was on a full scholarship at ASU, very family-oriented Mexican girl) and because she didn't make very much so I figured that meant she was only stripping. She actually quit the first club because they pressured the girls to upsell 'exotic' dances which meant more than just a lap dance.

It did lend into us breaking up. She started hanging out with girls from the club and got shady a couple times. Nothing to make me think anything was up, but that on top of what she did for work was enough for me.
How the can one be "cool" with his GF stripping as a profession?
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