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Default Re: Better floor leader: Jordan or Magic?

Originally Posted by gengiskhan

With MJ, his offense was so beyond 100% that his other capabilities got OVERSHADOWED unfortunately!

-His gambling defense (should've had atleast 2 DPOY titles, 1993 title is missing)

-His leadership skills (ask Kerr, Kukoc, Pippen, Phil Jackson, Tex winter)

-His intangibles were off the charts too.

Magic & Bird got due credit for leadership cuz of their lack of athletic ability.

MJ was just as fantastic floor general but his unebelievable athletic ability & offensive powers OVERSHADOWED everything else particularly his Defensive capabilities which were terrific too.

Geng I Know Your Favorite Player Ever Was Jordan But To Tell Me That Jordan was a Great Creator, Floor General, Team Player and Knew How To Visualize the Court For Team Play Naturally like Bird or Magic? Then You are Kidding Yourself. Its like Saying Barkley Was Not a Lazy Defender...Even I Admit To This.

Jordan Got Better as the Years Progressed But He Was Not in the Level of Magic and Bird in Those Skills. He Never Was. Thankgod Pippen Finally Played and Got the Role He Deserved With Phil Jackson Asking Jordan to Make him the Pointforward and Share the Ball With Him To Create Future Havoc On Court. It Took Jordan More Time Than Bird and Magic to Learn These Skills. Just Watch them Play and Compare the Level of Awareness Magic and Bird Had Was Jus In ANother Level.

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