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Default Re: Better floor leader: Jordan or Magic?

Magic, not even close. The Jordan legend has grown to the point where people automatically say he's the best at every facet of the game, including points of the game that were his weakness. That was his biggest criticism for half of his career, he didn't lead guys, he didn't make guys better, he was all stats, ball hog. Magic was simply the best floor general to ever step on a court and the most charismatic leader. Magic was absolutely unique, not only in his playing style, but in his ability to be such a mean, nasty, tough competitor, while also constantly encouraging and pushing the guys on his team to be better. If only Kobe had some of Magic's quality... They were in the same situation, young player coming onto the team of a legendary big man in his relative prime, but where Kobe failed and ended up blowing up his relationship with Shaq, magic, just as alpha a personality as anyone, found a way to thrive with Kareem, all the way till his retirement. Magic was special. Jordan's gift was his unmatched intensity, determination and scoring prowess. magic's was his leadership. He was born with it.
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