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Default Re: Anyone gotten their a$$ kicked?

Originally Posted by LEFT4DEAD
Yes, two times. Second time was 3-4 months ago. I was with my two buddies in some park, drinking and so. We were half-drunk. 30feets from us were some 3 dudes. They told something to us, and we were like, "fck it, lets kick their asses". Every one of us had a glass bottle in our hands, but we wanted to go "hands on hands" Too bad we didnt see that they had like 2 baseball bats and a chain from chainsaw. I ended up in hospital, almost broke my hand, my friend could barely open his left eye, since one of them kicked him with the chain, and third of us run away in the middle of the fight. Thank God police came, those guys kicked very well! It happened when I was in Bosnia, visiting my grandparents. This is nothing unusual there.

that sounds awful
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