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Default Re: Does beating the CAVs mean anything has changed?

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
I agree with your idea, but doesn't Dwight himself piss you off with his sour attitude?

At least with someone like Pau Gasol, he may be soft, but no matter what situation he faced, he always came and played hard.

I feel like the second things don't go Dwight's way, he just tanks. I mean, sure D'Antoni isn't the best fit here, but isn't Dwight also at fault for not putting up much of a fight?

Does Dwight tank.....yes, absolutely.
Does his attitude piss me off?, I understand it. Do I agree with it, no. I believe that you play hard no matter what......but that is not everyone's reality, we all have emotions therefore we can be pumped up or we can be depressed. Dwight honestly wants to play his ass off and win a title but he isn't being given a chance to play his game the way HE can be successful......there is not a single good player who has ever played the game that wouldn't be pissed off over being used the wrong way......YES, I do mean Magic Johnson and Micheal Jordan don't remember that they got coaches fired in controversial moves.

A good coach works with his players and motivates them....not only the top guys but the bench too, you have to lead, inspire and get the guys pumped up and ready to go.

Phil Jackson isn't a great X's and O's guy....but when it comes to motivating and getting inside his players, he is the master. His system works.

My own style is very similar to coach you look at the minutes his guys play, how much trust he has always had in his bench and most importantly how well he has developed his players.
I have a friend on his staff.
Parker 32, Duncan 30, Ginobili 24 those are the minutes his big 3 are averaging. There is not a single player who is rotting on the bench, every player is averaging at least 11 minutes per game except 1 who is at 6 please compare that to 'Antoni's crap where after Jamison scores 33 he soon gets a long string of DNP's.....these guys end up unhappy and grumbling, this undermines the entire team.
Coach Pop gets it right.......'Antoni is a failure.

Pau playing hard???? Is that what you call it? I have seen only a few flashes of what "I" would call playing hard from the guy in the last 3 seasons. I haven't seen the guy diving on the floor to get the ball in the last seconds of a big, I HAVE seen him watch the ball or make a slow feeble attempt to reach a hand out., not in my book, not for the way I coach the game. As you have noticed, I have given Pau a pass for this and part of last season because of the way the 2 dumb Mikes have misused him.....its embarrassing coaching to say the least.

Again.....Dwight is only playing like this because of the coach, if it was Sloan, Pop, Phil, Adelman......hell, even SVG, he would look better.
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