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Default Re: How do I make my release quicker? Critique me here

Originally Posted by Burgz V2
your shot is fine, just set your feet earlier. you catch the ball THEN step into your shot. Step into your shot while you catch it.

watch that video if you're unsure what i mean
Right on. It seemed the biggest thing slowing down your shot was the fact that you caught the ball then went into a slow motion leg-swing-and-step. V2 is on point through and through.

Like V2, I'd recommend prepping for your shot prior to the catch. For me, that means getting my body low and beginning the feet-setting process as early as I comfortably can. I actually think a lower base (bending the knees prior to catching the pass) could actually speed up your gather because your steps would be smaller and less deliberate.

At this point, it seems you're pretty darn upright prior to the catch, at which point you do:

1. A slow and upright step
2. Bend a little
3. Pop back up
4. Shoot

I think being low would streamline things, creating this:

1. Quick Step as you catch
2. Pop up (because you are already low, thus allowing you to skip the "bend" step)
3. Shoot

I see some folks mentioning your lack of elevation and if you're looking for the most picture perfect shot of all-time then sure, maybe elevation would be absolutely required. However, I think you'd totally be able to be a very successful shooter with the form you have, just with the pre-process sped up a little. Here's a great example of how the speed of one's shot prep can lead to success, even with a relatively grounded shooter:

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