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Default Re: Vintage footage of Gawdbe lighting up King James in the clutch

Originally Posted by SilkkTheShocker

I don't get why Lebron fans take threads like this directly to the heart. It's one game, during one regular season, that doesn't really matter anyway. Not sure why there is a needed reaction by Lebron fans to defend him in situations like this. Kobe was in his prime, and that's just the type of thing he did back then.

Retaliation videos make me laugh because it shows how personally you take it, when the point of the video was to show an awesome set of difficult shots by Kobe in his golden days, back when Bron was in his third season and still a boy.

Not just toward you, Silk, but to Lebron fans in general. You guys don't have to feel the need to defend your boy at every turn and every time it seems the topic of conversation isn't that Lebron is awesome.
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