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Default Re: Vintage footage of Gawdbe lighting up King James in the clutch

Originally Posted by SilkkTheShocker
In 08 he (Rondo) was a role player. In 2010 he was stud. If Magic wants credit for the Lakers beating Orlando, he has it. But lets not act like LeBron was at a disadvantage compared to Kobe at time when it came to teammates. The fact is Lebron/Kobe both have a 50% record against Boston in the playoffs. With Lebron's stats being superior.

Now your just trying to turn the conversation a different direction. My main point was that you discredited Kobe's wins over Orlando and Boston in the Finals because he had Pau and Bynum, then when I turned around and said Lebron was 0-2 against Boston with Cleveland but 2-0 against Boston with the Heat (stacked with superstars Wade and Bosh) you gave me crap.

See how hypocritical you can be?
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