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Default Re: Vintage footage of Gawdbe lighting up King James in the clutch

Originally Posted by SilkkTheShocker
Congrats on Kobe for having the most stacked frontcourt in the league

Kobe's range is what made the Lakers length especially successful. Otherwise teams could just clog the paint.

But honesty there were probably 8-10 teams in the league with front-courts that would have been contenders with Kobe, while there was only 1 or 2 guards that were on Kobe's level (Wade/healthy CP3.) The Lakers front-court is overrated by Kobe detractors who try to diminish him. This "amazing" front-court and the Lakers didn't even finish top 5 in OREB%, DREB%, or rebounding differential. I especially like how people bring up Bynum. I can understand Gasol/Odom, who were both key for the Lakers for the 3 straight Finals and back-to-back championships, but including Bynum?

2008 Reg season: Only played 35 games.
2008 Playoffs: Didn't play. Lakers still made the Finals without him.

2009 Reg season:Only played 50 games.
2009 Playoffs: Averaged 6/3 (). Lakers still win Championship

2010 Playoffs: Averaged 9/7 (). Lakers win Championship.

There were more teams that could pose front-courts on the Lakers level than guards that were on Kobe's level.

These front-courts would have been contenders with Kobe Bryant...
Hawks: Horford/Pachulia/Josh Smith + Kobe
Magic: Dwight/Gortat/Rashard + Kobe
Jazz: Okur/Jefferson/Millsap + Kobe
Boston: Garnett/Perkins/Wallace + Kobe
Portland: Pryzvvilla/Camby/Aldridge + Kobe
Nuggets: Nene/Martin/Andersen + Kobe
Mavs: Nowitzki/Marion/Chandler/Haywood + Kobe
Bulls: Noah/Boozer/Deng + Kobe

And that's just off the type of my head.

Keep in mind Kobe averaged 30/6/6/2 46 FG% 57 TS% in the playoffs during the Lakers 3 Finals runs.

2010 Championship run, Odom/Gasol/Bynum combined: 36 PPG/24 RPG/4 APG

Hawks: Horford/Pazchila/Josh Smith season:34 PPG/23 RPG/6 APG

(Yeah, Kobe can't win with that! What an astronomical difference!)

Dallas: Dirk/Haywood/Dampier:39 PPG/22 RPG/4 APG

(What's that? Another front-line that's better? Kobe is doomed!)

Orlando: Howard/Rashard/Gortat:36 PPG/21 RPG/4 APG

(Another better front-court.)

Bulls: Boozer/Noah/Deng:41 PPG/29 RPG/7 APG

(No doubt Kobe will struggle with a front-court that puts up better numbers across the board LMAO.)

That's at least 5 teams that could have replaced LA's front-court and still expect a ring. No SG in the NBA could replace Kobe except perhaps wade. the Kobe Bryant's of the world are ridiculously hard to find.

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