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Default Re: Vintage footage of Gawdbe lighting up King James in the clutch

Originally Posted by TMT
The Finals that never was. Would have shaken the basketball world if that was the case. It would have been great if at some point they played in the same conference to give us more of the matchup to begin with. The 2 games a year (which were at times the victim of injuries to the two guys as someone said earlier in this thread) really wasn't enough to satisfy some of us NBA fans. But atleast there were some great games with fantastic finishes like the videos posted in this thread portray.

We also got a glimpse at what it could have been with Kobe and Lebron in the Team USA Scrimmage.

They went at each other pretty hard, but Kobe was already declining athletically back then and Lebron wasn't in his prime yet.

Probably the closest thing we'll see to a matchup of them in their primes.
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