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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets(26-16) @ Memphis Grizzlies(27-14), end of a hot streak?

Originally Posted by niko
It's 1 game. Chalk it up, shut off the TV (check the score from time to time) and come back tomorrow. Tomorrow will be telling. Houston is not playing well but they are a team that if you don't give effort, they'll beat you because of the pace of their game. Nets becoming a bit of a frontrunning team so it will be interesting to see how they bounce back.

Memphis is just a freaking beast.
I would love to it's just one game. this is the fifth seperate game that the Nets have been down by 25 points. I'm 100% positive that they lead the league in that category. The 12-70 Nets didn't even get down by 25 this much. I mean, when will this bog shit end? I ****ing hate the Nets and everything about them. I have watched a fluke team for exactly a decade. even in the finals. they might as well have tanked for a lottery pick because they were never as good as their season suggested. I make sacrifices to watch my nets playa thriller. not lose by 30

and yes, Bosh making the team is also beyond comprehension.
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