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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets(26-16) @ Memphis Grizzlies(27-14), end of a hot streak?

Originally Posted by niko
You won 12 out of 14. Yes, this effort was abysmal (despite the Nets announcers trying to paint it like the Nets were coming back the entire time - are they high?) Win tomorrow and this won't be anything but a bump in the road. The Nets are not a 60 win team, they are like a 50-55ish team it feels like right now. Which means alot more losses.

Like i said, the only thing i'd file away as a concern from this game is the Nets got down, and they just packed it in. When they do that im sure PJ has a fit. How they respond to said fit will be interesting.
no excuses. I expect to watch an entertaining game. not be down by 30. I've seen us down by 25+ against the spurs, heat,bucks and Grizzlies. when I turn the tv on, and open a six pack, I want to watch an enjoyable game. losing by 24 is not enjoyable for me.
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