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Default Re: just checked Rotten Tomatoes for Movie 43

Forgot the link

More reviews have come in. It's still at 6%.
Reviews Counted: 31
Fresh: 2 | Rotten: 29
Deadly dull, unfunny, offensive, and stultifyingly clumsy.

Your laugh mileage may vary (God forbid), but we can all agree on one thing: this is the biggest waste of talent in cinema history.

A confounding crapfest that squanders a cast of stars that would put most award shows to shame on material that would be rightfully rejected from most third-grade recess periods for lacking the requisite wit and dignity.
I think this one is my favorite.
I see a bright future ahead for this sui generis work, which will be passed around sixth grade classrooms by odd-smelling kids for years to come.

Here are the two positive reviews. The Washington Post actually gave it 3.5 stars.
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