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Default Re: North Korea plans nuclear tests aimed at U.S.

Originally Posted by DCL
North Korea is a joke. They got squat. They don't even have machinery for 19th century farming. So why is the US so afraid of this tiny ass weakling?? The're cockroaches.. they just don't pose a real threat.

the media keeps bringing our attention to nothing.

The USSR, on the other hand, during the cold war, they were serious muscle mofo's. their weapon technology were legit and on par or even better than the US's. but the soviet disbanded and russia is different now. the real major military power now is actually china, but they own all our fking bonds. they ain't going to start anything with the US and consequently burn their own money. everything is too globalized.

but north korea??? it's a joke that so much attention is given to them.

Japan and South Korea, two of the world's largest economies, both have every reason to be afraid and THAT is why the US has to pay attention.

A nation-state with unstable leadership, the world's 4th largest standing army and nuclear capabilities isn't something that can just be ignored.
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