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Default Re: Struggling with Depression

Originally Posted by Budadiiii
People who contemplate suicide are genetically inferior. Plain and simple. Life isn't fair and the strongest survive. I will NEVER feel for someone going through depression. Just like I NEVER want people to feel pity for me in any situation. People like the OP(and probably yourself) are what I like to call "attention whores" putting their insignificant problems on other people for their own selfish satisfaction. **** you clown. Pauk is right. All these people complaining about their so called problems should just go ahead and kill themselves. Like I said, strongest survive, life isn't fair, can't deal with that? Out yourself. Would actually be the most logical and unselfish thing to do instead of being a burden on everyone else and dragging them down with you.
There are 2 types of people that would believe shit like this....

1. hardened military veterans and criminals who have been through a lot and have seen some f*cked up shit

2. Young adult white kids from the suburbs who live with their parents

Ill give you the benefit of the doubt when you say you're trolling.. but i think we know which category you fall under
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