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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by Timmy D for MVP

Sleepwalk With Me: 8/10- Mike Birbiglia is one of, if not absolutely, my favorite current comic. So of course when this showed up on the Netflix I jumped on it. And boy what a ride this was!

It starts slow, and he incorporates his stand-up material a little weird at times in odd transition scenes, but this kind of endears it a little bit. It looks and feels like an indie movie, not one of those well polished indie movies that surprises you to learn that it was independent. So the sloppy stuff kind of makes it more accessible in a way.

Lets get down to the content. Birbiglia is hilarious, and he plays the same character as his stand up routines (which I am convinced is just him). But it goes from being this indie comedy about this kind of loser guy, to being a really good examination of a failing relationship that started failing when it began. And man it's pretty heartbreaking because you can see it the WHOLE time and they're just both wasting their lives and at the end he goes back to talk to her later and asks some questions and her answers are really poignant and... it's just shocking how quickly this story turns into a failed relationship and this guy who is really kind of Sleepwalking (NAME DROP!) through his life.

The Sleepwalking sequences are interesting too. Really really weird.

I highly recommend it for all, and I say it's required viewing for Birbiglia fans. Also I believe at least one of his specials is on Netflix as well so watch it.

Nice, I just took a script analysis class with the guy who helped write and directed the stage play and then film version of Sleepwalk.

This dude

Just put in on my netflix que, gonna try to catch it sometime in the next 3 days.
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