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Default Re: Bargnani trade proposal

Originally Posted by letshaveacorona
how about:

Toronto gets- Josh Smith
Atlanta gets- Lowry & Bargnani

Atlanta gets a young promising pg to team up with horford considering harris is a free agent.

Raps lineup

C- Valanciunas/amir/gray
pf- davis/amir/acy
sf- smith/fields/anderson
sg- DeRozan/ross
pg- Calderon/lucas

does this make both teams better especially the raps? would you do it? can we resign smith and how much is he worth to be that star 3 weve been needing?

If BC can convince Josh Smith to sign here without signing a contract with a term of 5 years and weekly salary of less than 14 million I let BC stay. Otherwise the only contract that he'd sign would be 5 years 20 million per.
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