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Default Re: Struggling with Depression

Originally Posted by Loneshot
I hope i don't wrongly influence anyone, but i think suicide can be brave depending on the circumstances. Here is this thing we call life that we all cherish; some feel they cherish it because of love, material possessions, and things of that nature. But we really cherish life because of our perception of death and not knowing what comes after this state of being (life). Some claim to know what comes next due to their belief system, but they don't.

For a person to decide to end their current state of existence with no true knowledge of what comes afterward...that's bold. You can even argue its a much more honest leap of faith than believing in a god and some heaven/hell realm of existence based on your earthly merits.

Yeah Agreed.

Suicide is the coward's way is very simplistic persepctive.

A samurai who embowels himself for the honor of his master/nation, or someone like Piers in Resident Evil 6 who kills himself because he knows he's infected with the C-Virus, or if Stephon Marbury taking a knife to his throat with the Knicks as a last chance to redeem himself or Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z destroying himself in front of Majin Buu indeed pretty fukking brave. Or hell even giving yourself up for scinetific experimentation.

My issue with DCL's suggestion, is that I know VERY FEW people who would look at African tragic atrocities and think "lucky that's not me" They'd much more ilkely be EVEN MORE PISSED at the injustice of the world and expend valuable energy (that could be used for scientifically proven therapeutic exercises, a fresh change of perspective, a strong cultivation of joy gratitude, meditation, supplementation, a spiritual outlook, social comfort, mediums for creativity) in concocting futile schemes to try to heal/feed the poor (serious). He's definietly right about the gratitude though.. just in a wrong way.

A thing I've read was that it's always a simple matter of perspective and the emotion linked to it. Like for example let's examine a girl who isn't a beauty queen but isn't ugly either. The most successful girl I know (when she was fat and average looking) busted her azz three times harder than her nearest competition in school, piano and gym, stayed tight to her loving fam, and literally told me that she's grateful for her ugly duckling years because it gave her the insatiable thirst to better herself in every way and now she's a very interesting person. Likewise, another girl si probably going to perceive being average looking as a perpetual curse and resent jealousy. But then again.. the latter could have had parents who were extremely unsupportive and pulled a dulling pygmalian effect by telling her she was worthless, treating her like crap, and therefore by consequence the girl would choose guys that did the same. When it rains, it f*cking pours. Influences are huge and we don't choose the kind of peopel we are surrounded with during our early years.

I don't know if there's a scientific approach for this but there should be units of depression and hapniess as well.
I'd wager a guy undergoing a MLC who works his tail off and gets divorced by a harridan of a wife, or a young teen who is in a deadly spirit-crushing feedback loop of not being accepted is HEAPS more depressed than an African person who hasn't seen a proper meal (serious). . Especially if they came from a privileged past.

Just a hypothesis though. Would like to see this tested out. I've seen way too many strong hard willed Americans who had so many things going for them that walk around with a very sad, defeated face for it too be a case of simple fortitutde.

Hell my 3nd cousins and family friends live in the 3rd poorest country in the world and they're lazy sons of bitches lol who eat coconuts and fish all day and live backwards. They still get sunlight, a family who loves them, a clear-cut mission in life (survive) and loyal wives and get to enjoy mother nature with minimal pollution and lack constant advertisements that aim at picking out deficits whithin you

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