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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Just watched The Separation.

I haven't had the patience to watch to many movies with subtitles lately. Often playing on my computer when watching movies this days. However, I watched some of the great movies that have come out of Iran in the last couple of decades and this is another. For all the screwiness of their politics they have developed a very humanist cinema. This movie should be shown to all writers. It's perfect shows conflict among characters without one character or another being the bad guy. Every character has their motives and you can totally understand why they do what they do and feel sympathy to all the characters. Also the way it's told is very skilled, it unfolds in a way where the conflict becomes more and more intricate with more and characters involved. It very rare in a movie that the writer or director don't show their sympathies to one character or another. This is a movie where almost all characters are given their due.
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