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Originally Posted by Timmeh
its their own fault their could be kobe they traded away but no, they got rid of snaq and now their watching him in the finals while they sit at home watching the dodgers and being pissed at kobe for being a ballhog

honestly thats true. the Lakers GM had a choice and they made one. in the shortterm it was definitely a wrong decision but longterm....? who knows. in 10 years it could be the best decision the Lakers ever made.

i dont understand why Laker fans hate Shaq tho. Barkley left Philly the same exact way. blasting the city, blasting the organization, but he always recieved crowd support everytime he returned. people were grateful for the work that he gave them....and he didnt accomplish anything close to what SHaq did in LA.

give the guy some praise. who cares how it ended. he gave you guys 3 years of parades and bragging rights. cant you at least give him some respect for that? being a hardcore fan of your team is one thing but honor the past.
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