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Default Re: Who in here loves cats ..

I think people who love dogs are a bunch of attention wh*res who probably aren't getting any attention from anyone else. After owning dogs all my life, I kind of like a pet that doesn't get all sad if I don't pet it every 5 minutes. I also have a couple of labs and these pieces of sh*t would just literally sit there and stare at me if I don't give them attention. They give me this look like they are literally ready to lick my balls, anuss, or whatever they need to do in order to get me to pay attention to them. As for the argument that cats are not great protectors, that is simply not true. A cat is loyal if you own them at birth to 6 months and they are a lot more vicious than a dog. Ever seen a cat go at it with a bear, yes, they have youtube vids of that. They are smart and they will protect you if you are a good owner.
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