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Default Re: Dumbest posters on ISH

Originally Posted by Godzuki
lmao 2 college degree's when you JUST went to Texas A&M, and just bragging about economics degree a few days ago

nobody lies more than u on the internet

Like always you lie, I've never bragged about my degree in economics, I just find it hilarious when you of all people or when a guy who pretends to be a 14 year old kid on the net calls me out for something as stupid as that. Hell, my english is even better than yours and it's not even my paternal language and I didn't grow up in a country where the official language is english.

You're like the most lame korean ever, you claim that you have a college degree but you don't know the difference between "your" and "you're" and even though you claim you have a degree which I doubt since you only gave it a mention after getting mocked for failing at life, you still work as a car mechanic at your dad's auto body shop. You work for your freaking dad as a car mechanic, you have no brain..

I like how your degree came for no where just when you got called out for your lack of intelligence.

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