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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
To win division title you need to have a good record. It's correlated.

And it's not so much about the homecourt,it's about having a better matchup in the 1st round.

East is so close this year,we might end up with the same (or almost the same) number of wins as the Nets and they might end up playing the Bucks while we would have to play against the Bulls. It is certainly possible.
Division titles means nothing man, they just dont, you can win the divsion and be .500, it all depends on what the other teams in that division do.

Early on you said homecourt, that has been proven false, now your saying matchup.

Winning your division does not give you any advantage over an opponent.

Being the 1 or 2 seed usually does....and it aint guaranteed.

Just for example if the playoff started right now we'd play the Bucks, because we have the 2nd best record in the conference, and they have the 7th, has nothing to do with division.

Division isn't at least shouldnt be the goal,'s a consolation prize.

getting 1 or 2 should be the goal.
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