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Default Re: Show me proof that dinosaurs and other planets are real

You are partially correct.. dinosaurs is just a broad term generalizing mostly large "reptilian" animals roaming the earth during the jurassic to cretaceous periods. Most of the dinosaurs are labeled as a "reptile" so that's where you are correct.. but me (the smart guy) doesn't think you (the not so smart guy) meant "reptiles".. so when I destroy a few thousand brain cells and mentally take myself back to the days when I played death match between my hulk hogan, TMNT, panthera, spider man toy figures v.s. mumura, snakeman (from he man) ric flair, big john stud, and a bunch of no bodies from the mexican dollar store.. I realized you didn't mean reptiles.. you meant "lizards" DING!.. No they are absolutely NOT lizards and in fact labeled as a "reptilian".

Scientists cannot confirm however if dinosaurs are cold blooded in which it must be in order to be considered a reptile by definition. Until recently some scientists are theorizing that some species were in fact cold blooded and some were also warm blooded. But again those are just theories based on speculated analysis. So yes.. dinosaurs are considered reptiles. But then you also stated that they don't die from old age and get so large because of this fact. Well this is something called biological immortality.. which just like the cold/warm blooded theory is not proven, but no reputable scientist's are making claims of dinosaurs being biologically immortal. My theory is that it is not possible for land animals to be biologically immortal due to the fact that we are continuously generating cells and to replenish the dead cells throughout our life. There are only a few animals that are biologically immortal and they are mostly aquatic dependent. The two common ones most people can relate to are certain species of jellyfish and lobsters. So no I do believe you are incorrect about dinosaurs being large due to the fact that they live for so long.

Then you talked about moses living to 1000. Back then 90-95% (a lot of people even consider that to be a low estimate) of the population was illiterate. A lot of information was told verbally and then memorized. So when you have a bunch of people trying to tell the same story over and over again throughout centuries.. the same story can change drastically. A 1000 yrs? Ca mon dude.. if video didn't exist today.. there would be stories about how michael jordan jumped from half court and was the first human to record a three point dunk and was fouled.. making it a four point dunk! No don't believe that one either.

Planets are real dude.. get a telescope and check it out yourself. I'm so pissed you got me writing this much on ISH.. sheesh!
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