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Default Why Isn't Miami a Dominant Team?

No potshots about the Lakers, this is about the Heat.

Back when the decision happened everyone thought the NBA was on lock for the next 5 years. Flo Rida making songs about how they already won, LeBron saying 10 championships were on the way etc. They are a good team and a contender...but not some all time juggernaught which everyone thought they'd be

.... they've never really looked THAT dominant. They been challenged well by old and young teams in the playoffs and their records haven't been impressive either.

Don't give me that the positions of the Big 3 are redundant(there was a little team called the 90's Bulls built around a Big 3 SG, SF, and PF). 2 different PF's in fact. No one's saying they should be that dominant, but let's be honest they have been underwhelming.
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