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Originally Posted by sunsfan1357
I got really drunk on Friday and agreed to do a half marathon in May. I should stop drinking.

thats how i started going to the gym... my friends were bragging me for years to start because i had strength, condition and good genetics... but was real skinny and not interested in working out at all... after years of trying to make me go they gave up on it but that night i made a bet with one of them that i will go the next day ( was semi-drunk ), they obviously didnt believe after all those years... the next day i was there... and since then i havent missed a day from my schedule
and im thankful for that semi-drunken friday... its been only 3 months and i have great results i bulked up 15 pounds ... all that while still eating junk food, drinking twice a week and few cigs a week

do the marathon! lol
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