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Default Re: Why Isn't Miami a Dominant Team?

Originally Posted by DaSeba5
Because they don't have a lot of size in the paint, and they cruise most of the regular season. They are a team built around 3 guys. It's not like the old school Celtic, Bulls and Laker teams where they have all the talent in the world. Most of the players are MLE and vet min guys that serve their purpose.

Besides, Miami has made the Finals twice in a row and won a title. They seem fine to me.

As far as the 80's Laker and Celtic teams, those teams clearly had more overall talent, and arguably even relative to their era, but it was still a different time.

Teams pretty much had to be stacked to win a title in the 80's, not just the Lakers and Celtics, but look at the '83 Sixers and Bad Boy Pistons.

But why are you grouping in the Bulls with those teams? I wouldn't even say the Bulls were the most talented team from top to bottom the majority of years they won titles, and it's debatable if they ever were. Maybe '97, and a case can be made for '96 and '92 as well.
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