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Default Re: Hi, my name is Riddler and I'm an alcoholic (Been to a few AA meetings recently)

Originally Posted by Nick Young
I didn't know America has become so pussified since I left that 3 and a half pints of beer in an hour and 40 minutes is considered alot to drink.

Especially considering it's watered down american beer that's only like 3% and shit like that.

I'm American and proud of my country but you look like a knobhead if you think the "century challenge" is an accomplishment.

Also I went back to America last summer and all these dumbasses were talking at a frat party about they drank some Stella Artois and how great it tasted and a bunch of other beer snob shit. In England at least Stella Artois is the cheapest beer and considered to be only a step above piss.

In China, Pabst Blue Ribbon is considered a delicacy and sells for $40 a bottle. In America its considered shitty student beer (because it is, and tastes shit).

Another example, in LA Sailor Jerry Rum comes in a plastic bottle and is considered tramp rum, in the UK it's one of the most expensive rums and considered the best by most students you ask.

Beer snobs are idiots.

Sailor Jerry has upgraded to glass now ha.

And century club is 150oz in 100 minutes(shot = 1.5oz), nearly 4 40oz's. That will get the average dude pretty f*cked up.
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