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Default Re: If the Thunder and Heat meet again in 2013 ....

Originally Posted by DonDadda59
Agreed. The Thunder, as talented as they are, are to sloppy offensively and not equipped defensively to beat MIA in a 7 game series. They need a real PG that will allow Westbrook to move to his natural SG and cut down on his bonehead plays and turnovers (OKC lead the league in TOPG last season and are second worst this season). The Heat thrive on teams that turn the ball over and plays that lead to easy fastbreak opps. On the other end, they have no one who can check both Bron and Wade effectively.

Another 5 game series. Maybe 6.
whos kidding who? goatbrook locked up wade but the refs were there to get both durant and sef into foul trouble.

3 out of their 4 wins were very close games. so what makes everyone so sure that same results will happen? lebron walks into a finals win and all of a sudden he is unbeatable? dude has 1 ring and 2 chokes in the finals. just sayin
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