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Default Dwight Howard vs Tyson Chandler

Honestly, who would you rather have right now?

I'm taking Chandler without a shadow of doubt. Great team player, doesn't demand touches in the post, plays great D on a consistent basis, and doesn't whine about everything.

The thing with Howard is that he demands touches in the post, but why? He's AWFUL in the post. He is literally one of the most inefficient post players in the NBA. More often than not, he's either gonna turn it over or get hacked and brick the FT's. I just don't understand why he insists they go to him in the post

If I ask Lakers fans if they would trade Howard and Jamison for Chandler and Novak (have to throw Novak in there for salary purposes), I bet most of them say yes while most Knicks fans say NO. Am I right?

Not to mention it feels like Chandler makes Howard his bitch every time they play.
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